Fleet Services Offered

All service are written up on a fleet recon sheet and reported to your service manager or whomever you choose for this is done by. Handwritten (a digital copy is also available ). The services listed below are 100%  free. You only pay for work done. 

  • Air gauge will be used on every tire 
  • Depth gauge on every tire 
  • Inspection also includes valuable advice on moving tires around amongst your fleet, to maintain optimal ware.

The following service are Chargeable

  •  Flat repairs
  • Tire rotation
  • Labors
  • Adding flow thru gator caps so your drivers will check  there tires and you will not get dirt in them
  • Front end tow end adjustment
  • DOT inspections
  • PM's
  • Brake adjustments

Floridas Fleet Tire and Service

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